Second Grade is Awesome

Second Grade Team

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Your child has begun one of the most important milestones in his/her life—beginning 2nd grade!  We understand that you and your child may have met this occasion with excitement or apprehension (or a little of both).  We are looking forward to working with you and your child this year and helping him/her achieve his/her full potential.  We hope that the following information will help you know what to expect in 2nd grade this year and answer any questions you may have.

  • Parent/teacher Relationship

We believe that a good teacher-parent relationship is necessary for maximum school success.  Throughout the year we will communicate with you through notes, your child’s agenda, telephones calls, weekly newsletters, progress reports, and/or conferences.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at anytime.  You may send a note in your child’s agenda.  You may also e-mail me us. If you do not get a response back from email, please write me a note. Sometimes email is down, and I may not receive your email.

  • Communication

Communication is a key to success.

Everyday, your child will bring home their “Agenda”.   Please return the agenda initialed to school everyday.  Inside you will find important notices, daily behavior, and/or other important information.  You should initial the agenda each day.

  • Attendance

Your child’s regular and prompt attendance is crucial to their success.  We cannot emphasize this point enough!  Most students learning activities are group oriented and involve interaction with classmates.  Therefore, it is next to impossible to make up the work at home.  Please view school as a priority.

  • Transportation

If you plan for your child to go home in a manner that is not their usual way, you must send a written note.   Please do not rely on your child or an older sibling to relay the information.  Children often become confused and report messages incorrectly.  If no written note is received, your child will be sent home by his/her usual method of transportation.

  • Snacks

We will have a snack break every day.  Please send a small, individually wrapped healthy snack that doesn’t require refrigeration with your child each day.  Be sure your child can open his/her own snack.  Please try and send only water for your  child to drink. Spills do happen, and juices cause floors to be sticky. The children may also drink water from the fountain in the hallway at snack time.

  • Recess

Students will be going out for recess every day unless it is raining or freezing/hot temperatures are exhibited.  Please keep this in mind when helping your child select clothing for the day.  Also, we are fortunate to have a variety of playground equipment, including several pieces for climbing.  Please keep this in mind when selecting shoes and clothes.


Lunch money is collected every day of the week.  Be sure to send the money labeled with your child’s name and his/her lunch number.  Make your child’s day and come join us for lunch.  Please refrain from bringing in food from restaurants.

Our Lunch Time Is:___10:45-11:15__

Specialty Schedule

Each teacher will send home a schedule as soon as possible.

  • Money/Notes from Home

Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information on it:

    1. Your       Child’s First and Last Name.
    2. The       amount of money enclosed.
    3. The       purpose for the money.
    4. Teacher’s       Name and Room Number.

This helps us out tremendously in collecting money and reduces the likelihood for errors.  Also, if the envelope is dropped in the hallway or on the bus, this information will help the money to be returned to my classroom.

  • Homework

Carve out 15-20 minutes EVERY night to read together.  Children that read with their parent each night have larger vocabularies and are better readers.  Please work on any words or other skills that are sent home.

  • Discipline

Discipline plans are designed to guide each child in making positive decisions about his/her behavior and give them the opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing environment.  Your child deserves the best educational climate possible for his/her social and academic growth.  By working together, we will make a difference in this process.

  • Dress Code Violations

Please be sure your child is in proper dress. Pants, shorts, capri pants, skirts, skorts, jeans, or jumpers in the colors of navy blue, black, or any shade of khaki may be worn.  Shirts with long or short sleeves and a collar (polo, dress-style with buttons, or turtleneck) in the solid colors will be expected.

Encourage your child to ask questions about school.  Informed children are confident children.  Talk positively about your child’s school.  The way your child perceives your feelings about his/her school and teacher will have a direct effect on how he/she feels about them.  I am delighted to have your child in my class and look forward to working with you to make sure your child starts school on a positive note.  I greatly appreciate your support and anticipate a fun and successful school year.                           


2nd Grade Teachers